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Steam Togs

I have to admit the hunting and gathering was a little tougher today. I ran into a section of the STEAM hunt that seemed to have little to do with steam. LMs to nowhere, and a treasure hunt within the hunt didn't have me smiling. BUT, I did find a nice outfit to show you as well as a prop and some super sexy pantyhose. So no complaints.

click for larger photos

For my photo shoot I returned to Belle Belle Fantasy -- stop number 82 on the tour. I was so blown away with the theme decor, new to me and possibly really new as "NEW" is in the land title *wink*. Anyway the backdrops are some of the selection of steampunk furnishing that will most likely make you sigh with pleasure. Lots of the furniture comes with "pleasure" poses installed for those of you with significant others.

My outfit is from ALI COUTURE and includes open jacket with prims and low slung, pants for boots (capri length). I added a Coin Belt in Olive from Maitreya and my Leah Thin Tank from WoE. I didn't have the perfect boots -- how could I not? Well there seems to always be something missing from our wardrobes. I went with my basic BAX boots in black; taupe would have been perfect. My gun prop is one of several versions with holsters and without from Kat's Meow. It is a prop, not a weapon :D.

My goggles are free for everyone at Belle Belle Fantasy. No hunting. Find them in a box with floating text on the ground floor by the steampunk furniture vignettes.

My personal favorite of my finds today are these pantyhose from CD Benelli. These aren't tattoos, they are real pantyhose with all the detailing that comes with them and some great deco designs woven into the lower legs. I added a thong to keep things well within the PG rating of the feeds.

That's my STEAM report for the day kiddies. Have a good one.


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