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Steam: The Last Acts 2

Settling down for the evening is even better when you have comfy chairs, warm jammies and THE most up to date glasses -- all steampunk versions of course. My lacy button up long johns are part of the unisex prize from The Brocade Tiger. They are so warm and cosy, and the nights are starting to get chilly. Time to add a stove to my Parajen stone house. (I refuse to call it a shack; it is way too nice.) The Brocade Tiger set also comes with lace up trousers and a very nice lacy shirt ruffle for when you are going out rather than staying in :D.

click for larger photo

I have some great new chairs and table that go SO well; thanks goes out to Capalini Fine Furnishings. The chairs are copy so you'll have as many as you need. The cute table comes along in the prize pack as well as the creative globe clock below. I am down to zero prims however so I opted for a one prim book on the table. The throw pillows were part of my existing furnishings and not a hunt item.

The globe clock chimes on the quarter hour and the bands around the globe turn as the clock keeps time. Click the photo for a close up as you don't want to miss the details. The steam kettle is oversized for big pots of tea *wink* and whistles. Very cute. It hales from The Home Store at Ville de Giverny. This is a village so wait for the signs to rez to find the right shop. The prize includes a gift certificate (rebate) for the shops.

The Morigi Steampunk Ninja Belt comes in three sizes; I am wearing the small. The belt is scripted with all sorts of flight assists, enhanced jumping, smoke and lots of stuff guys will love :D. With two versions to choose from, the unisex Night Vision Spectacles from Yellow Jester are sure to please. I'm just wearing mine as a fashion statement :D.

Socks by Shiny Things. Poses by LAP.


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