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Strike a Pose

OK. I am officially a Pose "Ho". I have spent the last five hours or so going through all my poses. I am now 750 poses lighter and have about 2000 "favorites" nicely ensconced in appropriate categories. Am I tired? You BET I am. Some of it was fun, though. I got to try out all the new Poop Hunt poses including the ones for guys which are really great and the new prerelease wonder girls set. So get over to the Festivale sim and hunt if you've been putting it off :D.

I also found a lot of kneeling and hands above the waist poses that I didn't know I had. Easy to lose track with those generous numbers. A month or so ago, one of my sister bloggers posted her pose inventory method. I've forgotten who, but it was basically by pose maker. This wasn't going to work for me with SO many poses and SO many designers. So I came up with my own plan, a refinement and addition to what I had sloppily been using all along.

click to enlarge

In case any new kids on the block are interested in my inventory method, here is the low down. Perhaps it will give you some ideas on the best method for your always growing pose folders. I do have a category for LAP, but it only includes copies of single poses purchased and the Blogger Pack. I divided all the other poses into categories that fit them best. I actually divided the pose ball category into "friends", "M-F sexy" and "M-F", but I forgot to open that folder when I took my picture :D. Oops.

So that's my day here. Tomorrow is a new one with great adventures awaiting. Finding the right pose will be SO much easier now. Well worth the time I think.



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