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Gals at Work

Some gals actually like to get their hands dirty. When I saw the gift of the day from hO wEAr, I immediately thought of Sami who used to spend a lot of time out on the sandbox. She has an outfit similar to this, but it is in the before sculpty category and while she loved it, it really was pretty passe. So she is thrilled. Out on the sandbox, she made up this set and I took the photos. Lots of fun.

click for larger photos

The tool belt is great and even includes a pack of ciggies. Remember the smoking AO I blogged the other day? Perfect pairing. Another great thing about this set is the DIRT. It comes on the underwear and glove layers and is sure to come in handy with other outfits.

BTW, the belt is mod so I'm a thinkin' guys could use this too *wink*.

So get on over to hO wEAr before 8 o'clock and get your set.

Poses from LAP's boy set at the Poop Hunt. Hope you picked those up :D.


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