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Vita Virile Very

Guys, you may have heard about the Take Me Out To the Ball Game briefs in the monthly freebie vendor at Vitamen, but did you know about the lucky board right next to the gift vendor? OMG! If I could make those three letters in bigger caps I would! I'd been to Vitamen when it first opened. It's a long and funny story and includes a search for free condoms (no I didn't need them really, I had an idea for a funny post). The store is very much the same, still filled with the classiest vendor photography around. Very arty and worth a tour just to admire the photos.

click for larger photos

There is a nice mini gym upstairs complete with suntanning chamber and steaming hot tub. Windows abound so there is no penned in feeling, a downfall of many RL gyms for sure. I convinced Wonder that he really "needed" these and he humored me by watching the board for hours while he did his RL computer work. The prize includes these fantastic sheer boxers in a variety of colors. Since they are semisheer, the color of fabric depends on the color of your skin. The shine is glorious.

If you are a guy -- or a gal WITH a guy -- this is a great store to peruse. So stop by Men's Underwear House by VITAMEN when you get a chance.

Skin by Belleza, Hair by Alli&Ali Designs , top pose by LAP.


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