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Not So Magical Resize

Designers, this is for you :D

I've tried on thousands of skirts in my lifetime at Phil's. Most of them fit or can be adjusted to fit. Lately though I've come across a large number of no mod skirts. Some of them included resizers which -- when they work for you -- are wonderful. Sometimes though, especially with the single and double prims for straight mini skirts, it is a disaster.

I'm not strangely proportioned and certainly not oversized, but if I can't enlarge and/or tip the no mod prims designed for petite avatars, I can't make the skirts and dresses look as the designers intended. Sadly the outfits end up in the trash and not on these pages. I've seen the same clothes pictured on other blogs, ill fitting -- so I know I am not alone in this problem.

Whether you are a new designer or an old timer, please test your skirts on multiple sized avatars. If you are only going to allow click to resize options, this is imperative. Your customers will both flee and complain if they buy things they can never wear.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
I hate resizer scripts. My avatar has wider hips. She isn't a big gal, well, not in my eyes. But still, if I resize a belt so it fits nice on the sides, it stands out from my tummy or butt in a loop. I can finetune belts ig I edit linked parts, but resizer? No way.
Another thing I have a notecard in to a very, very good japanese designer. I bought leggings, mufflers and armwarmers there. The leggings has prim parts with resizer, and the prim parts are much darker. I think the designer forgot to use white prims, since the avatar mesh isn't gray anymore. The muffles had white prims, but the armwarmers had grey prims. And since they were mod, I could tint them white in a second. But now the leggings prims are useless... and the work to write a NC and wait is so irritating.
And hair. Let's not forget hair. To move a hairstrand out of the chin goes in a sec with modify hair. With resizer? Uh-oh. And some designers make their hair full bright.... I can't change that if it's no mod and script. Yes, I HATE scripted stuff. Some, like shoes and boots, are ok. And colorchange jewellery. But all the other are a pain in the a**!

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