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Stalkers - Oh No!

Long ago when I was just out of the pod, ANA_Mations gave away an AO called Drama Queen. I think it was a 24 hour special and it was the talk of the town. I still have it and wear it now and then. The first and only AO I purchased was the Vixen model, again from ANA_Mations. So when I saw that there was "new stuff" AND free stuff, I hurried over. Well natch!

This is the stalker tree. You can't help but laugh. The signs say, "Just a tree" and "Not a stalker" respectively. I'm still chuckling as I type.

click for larger photos

It's just me. A tree. In the park. Not a stalker :D.

There is also a great stalker newspaper with built in animations (3 poses). What a fun prop. I might just carry it around with me for laughs!

There is also a new stalker AO out. It comes with a nice hand on hip walk. These are two of my favorite poses from the set. You can purchase poses individually also.

Find ALL these goodies in the central circle (look for the tree) at the ANA_Mations shop.

Have fun!


Surrealia said…
Wow! You blended in so well with the other trees that I had to look twice just to see you there! Sneaky devil you.

Thanks so much, I'm happy to hear you are having fun with the Stalker Kit! =D

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