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Fame! Glory (well maybe) and SHOES!

Reprinted with permission from my old Second Life Colors blog.
Original date March 17, 2008

I won honorable mention in the Green Shoe Contest! Yeah!

It was a lot of work to do this photo (wink) but also a lot of fun. And "no" those aren't all MY shoes -- some belong to my friends. In order to take this photo, I had to go out to a sandbox; there were just way too many prims for a pal's pad. So, my shoes went down first and then I teleported in the gals and they put copies of their shoes down etc. Much fun, but in a small 10 foot temporary studio it was also crowded. Just standing in the right spot amidst all those shoes was a challenge. We laughed a lot! :D

My "wearing" list is tiny of course. Boa by Callie Cline, St. Patrick's shoes by Shoes Simply Shoes. Other shoes in the picture are by Maitreya, Vacano & Stine, Ingrid Ingersoll, ETD, Shoes Simply Shoes.

And here is my holiday look complete with NEW SHOES!

Elsie hair by Curl Up and Dye -- Inari 34/223/401 (today's hunt - don't miss it!)
Get Lucky Tank by Lala FooFoo -- Celestial City 126/154/0
Rebel Plaid skirt by Punk Shack -- Ohana Isle 67/18/22 (Ohana Isle hunt)
Drama Queen AO (I SO LOVE THIS!) by ANA_Mations -- Sterling Heights 122/95/22
Shoes by --- you got it -- TESLA!


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