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Lovely and Free - Oh my!

Hudson's Clothing Co has five free gifts in their shop. Look for the small vendors with big red bows. This is by far my favorite. It actually glistens! The ankle wraps are part of the outfit as is the very nice beaded choker. I ended up taking off the skirt by accident (a bodylight attachment point thing) but loved this shot. Those are glitch PANTS although it looks like a straight skirt in the photo. But if you had some of those LONG boots that go up the thigh (yes if you make them I would love some - wink) this would be a KILLER look. Actually you can modify these to go below the knee so some less fancy boots would work too!

Here is the dress WITH skirt as it was meant to be. I added dark nylons and some Juicy slingbacks. Hair is Krasa in coffee bean from House of Heart.

Pose by Tuli.

AND .... drum roll please. Pelle:Skins has new gen 2 eyes coming out soon and is giving away the gen 1's for free. You can buy just the colors you want -- each for 0. I picked three colors and like these the best. And, I am actually CHANGING to these and ya know I don't do that lightly. So if you are in need of some new vision orbs, get over there and take a look. This shop also has skins and shapes and a large collection of free boxes on the counter. (I didn't try any.)


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