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Samara's Dollarbie Adventure

So here I am at the end of Samara's Rez Day Adventure tour and freebie outfit (dollarbies). It was both fun and fast and I have a great outfit including shoes and earrings. Oh my!

You can start at any of her stores but the main store is here in Gembong. TP in and find the bright pink box. They are right by the posters about the Adventure. Get the landmark to the next store and go there.

This is in celebration of Samara's 2nd rez day -- so congrats Samara and thanks.

I especially like the top which comes with a built in texture belt. And of course we can always use more shoes for Fall (wink).

Most of the landmarks go right to the pink boxes, but you will have to do a bit a sleuthing at two spots as they have main TP points. At Urban Shopper turn left from the tp point toward "Losers" which is a freeform gray building. Samara's is around the back side by the lucky chair.

In Serenity it is straight ahead and across from Dark Mouse -- before you get to the marketplace and my cart (in case you have been there).

Have fun.

PS. If you don't want to buy one of the items you can just get part way through the buy process and see where the landmark goes OR use the search feature. I didn't do that but I suspect it would work. Five stores and five dollarbies to make a whole outfit.

You can read more about it all at Samara's blog.

Pose by LAP and hair by Exxess.


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