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Designers Please Read :D

Now I know most of you are VERY good about this, but in case you are "new" in the world of designing or have been under a rock, please take a minute to think about this (wink). I know some of you guys read my blog even if you aren't going after the newest freebie of the day :D

So, it's been a busy day for me opening my tiny store (cart) as well as a lot of gifts that came to me over the last few days. This is great and fun and ......


A designer (name withheld for obvious reasons) sent some gifts. Great. Me likes gifts (hoho). The gifts however were in boxes. Actually boxes inside of vendor (picture poster) inside of boxes. OK, that three things to unpack. Are we having fun? Wait it gets better. TWO of the lovely gift bags were 155 prims EACH. So I had to make two trips to a sandbox just to open these puppies.

First of all the gift bags while cute would have been JUST as cute in about 12 prims as most of the prims (well you KNOW I did some heavy exploring in the edit menu!) were hidden inside the bag and you didn't see them anyway. Second and more importantly, not all of us HAVE a whole sim and tons of prims. Its very easy to get the "parcel cannot hold" message if you are on a 512 lot with a tiny house or whatever.

So I know that most all of you are GREAT at thinking about this, but just in case ... (big smile). And while I am on the subject, most people would rather have their purchases come in a folder (using contents instead of copy in the build menu) so they don't have to deal with this in the first place.

I'm not one of those bloggers who says, send me a folder or send me nothing. I really don't mind opening boxes. It's kinda like Christmas or a birthday then. And I know that if it is a camp item or a group item etc. sometimes you HAVE to have only one object. So that's just something to think about.

Thanks for listening and please don't send out any 155 prim boxes - LOL. I don't mean to give you bad ideas.


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