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Black Swan: Githa from Ivalde

I only had time to get this one picture of Ivalde's design for Passions of the Black Swan before the sim was reset. A busy morning there for sure. It is delightful and finely detailed - a Victorian Steampunk look that with varying accessories could go from classy to funky and everywhere in between. This is really cute! There are two top choices and the bolero shrug is separate -- should you want bare shoulders. I can't imagine giving up that bolero though! It is like the icing on the cake.

It also has striped pants which serve as a glitch layer for the dress OR with the added prims (alas I am missing them but hope to add to this post soon) makes a really cute look. Especially with lace up boots. I know as I saw someone at the fashion show wearing it (wink).

The textures are exceptionally nice in this outfit and if you are in the Victorian Steampunk camp in any way, I bet you will love this.

I really wanted to explore some looks with this collection as it seemed so adaptable, so after a bit of downtime I went through some accessories, adding a bit here and there and came up with this which is quite a different feel than my original post. I journeyed over to Rivet Town (my first visit), picked up a visitor's tag and started exploring. Lots of fun and some beautiful vistas. I do so like this outfit (big wink).

And here is a last version using pants and the corset without the bolero. I DO need some black lace boots for sure (wink). Maybe for my rez day :D

A final close up showing all the details as I changed to messy eyes and red lipstick and left the cuffs from the bolero on. They made cute cuffs for the gloves. Sometimes we get the best surprises! Cheers.


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