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Happy Style Mall

The Happy Style Mall is having a vendor wide sale and I also found one fantastic freebie - woot!

First, let's talk about the stuff that will cost you a bit (wink), but WHAT a value.

Yabusaka has a Halloween boot special going on. You get BOTH pairs of orange boots for $150. The pair above in other colors (white is available and they are fully mod) are normally $300 so that is way less than half price. These are lovely, stylish boots in the famous Yabusaka style.

Now while I could rave insessently about these lovely boots, I also want to let you know that I spent a LOT of time adjusting them -- more time actually than any other boots. This could be because I am a big girl, but still there were fitting problems. If you are an old hand at fitting and editing in the build menu, you will be OK, but new folks especially may have problems. Just so you know.

This is the second pair in a more seasonal Halloween style. They are sort of in the Robin Hood - Maid Marian mode. These were less problematic for me with the fitting. Yeah! Again, these are FULLY MOD. I am mentioning that twice here. The people that care and know why are smiling and those of you that don't know, just ignore me (wink).

Halloween is coming and I am SURE there will be TONS of orange clothes you can wear these boots with.

They are ONLY available at the Happy Style Mall store.

This, believe it or not, is a freebie. It is wonderfully detailed and just my style. Woot! It comes from CdC at Happy Style Mall. There are other great things in the shop including this outfit in other colors and I think with more "parts". There is a main store also.

Here is a close up so you can see some of the detail. There are cute pockets on the bum and other details in the back. The cuffs are prim with buttons!

Shown with Dirty Girl hair in mahogany by House of Heart, Shoes by Shoes Simply Shoes, Poses by LAP and Tuli.


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