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Bloodvine Wings

Fairy Crossing @ Burning Life has some fantastic wings for you. They come in a scripted version as well as non-scripted but flexi. The gift box is at the foot of their fairy garden exhibit in Reaper at Burning Life. This cool wand comes in the box also as well as a hat and some other wings.

This is a picture IN the Fairy Crossing exhibit. It is a bit difficult to get here and it seems like you cannot get a SLURL for places within Burning Life. At least I couldn't this morning. So if you would love a set of these lovelies type "Burning Life" into your map coordinates window and then pick the Reaper Sim and type in the the map numbers 77 - 6 - 25 and you will be there.

There is a great Stonehenge exhibit nearby as well as some other fun builds to explore and photograph in. So have a look around.

You can see wings from the same maker at Fancy Fairy.

Skin by Sinergy, Hair by Exxess, Bikini bottom by Vogel, Pose by LAP.


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