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Urban Shopper Weekend

Urban Shopper is now by the SEA! And they are celebrating with a weekend of sales (20- 50 percent for the most part) and gifts. There is a board near the TP spot and you can see all the gifts available. Not everyone is participating but many merchants are. There will be a dance party and give away Monday morning (early for me but will try and get there) with drawings and such.

The top above is from Love Me Skins. While a little daring for me top wise, the skirt fits (me) very well with no adjustments. A surprise really. Yeah!

Samara Studios has a little shop there and has this new pant set out for a buck. You can also get the retro outfit I previously blogged for a dollar if you missed it at the main store.

The dress from Dani's features a low back cut out. It comes with two lengths of skirts. This is the longer of the two. The gift from Jairis includes some large star earrings that match perfectly.

Impossible has gifts for both guys and gals. I really liked this polo for the guys.

Hair by House of Heart, Standing poses by TorridWear.


Anonymous said…
fab pictures!

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