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Hair Fair 4: Purple Sim

Not so early this morning thank goodness, but I still got over to the hair fair to finish up with the purple sim. I'm sure I missed some places and some had items that I had already blogged so I skipped those. Remember this is only a SAMPLING of a huge event.

This is one of the styles from the Miss B Freebie pack. There are two other styles, one in black and one in ash. This is low prim and guilt free. Not quite as good as going bald, but you need not feel embarrassed by you MULTI prim hair with this cutie.

OK, this looked SO good with my coloring I just had to post it too (ah the vanity). I don't often like piggies but this works for me. Very good for photo shoots. I love it! There is also a box of hair ornaments like bows and flowers. Not my thing but it certainly might be YOURS :D

This is hair from Calico Ingman but the booth was not listed as that. After picking up about twenty boxes or so, I forget what it was listed under. SORRY. I would TRY the Calico Creations booth, but if you don't find it explore a bit. There are two gifts here (wherever here is but I am thinking on an END with blackish design?)-- one for gals and one for guys. Each design comes in a TON of colors. This is one of the calmest versions included. There is a glowing effect to the ends when frosted or flamed. So if you are a "wild gal" this might be just the hair for you.

Exile has a hair pack that includes hair for both guys and gals. Girls shown here and of course EITHER could wear EITHER (wink). There are a few brilliant colors, plus brownish and black in each pack. A couple of pairs of jeans are included.

Hair Solutions (actually in the Orange Sim but on the edge of Purple and I missed it) has two styles for women and one for men in limited colors. Shown here is auburn. This is finely grained and flexi with a slightly messy look in the back. It falls to the middle of the back but is not "big hair". :D

Magika's gift includes three hairs in single colors -- a very long platinum style, a very short and cute black number and this statement making hair.

When you just really need to feel like a princess you have Mau's & Mej's theme hair. It comes in black (shown) and red and features their stylish signature curls.

Philotic Energy has a super cute style for gals in its pack in a HUMONGOUS number of colors and tips. There is also a style for guys (unisex) and a nice formal braided bun with lovely delicate flower that would look good with formal wear. All come in a those many, many colors. A bangle is also included in the pack.


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