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Exile Hair Hunt @ Ivy Falls

Exile is having a hair hunt at Ivy Falls. It's a first birthday celebration and it will continue for two weeks so you have lots of time to hunt. There are five styles with two being unisex. Look for black present size boxes (not too large but not tiny either) with EXILE on the side.

One of the official people at Ivy Falls said there were 21 in all. I'm not sure if you can take that to the bank but there ARE different colors of each style. They are hidden in the Exile store, around the other stores, in the water, by the walkways etc. -- just not in the private houses (natch).

These are some of my favorites. I didn't come close to finding them all, just a few. Some are mod (hence tintable) and some not. So it is likely some will work for you -- and some not :D

The good news is that Ivy Falls is a REALLY fun shopping sim with so much to explore that the hunting is very enjoyable. There is a train that goes all around the island if you get tired of flying and plenty of stores to shop in, both fashion and home.


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