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Hair Fair 3: Pink Sim

So up again way too early and off to the Hair Fair which on my third trip is beginning to make sense. Lots of fun booth displays to see. Here are some of the gifts and dollarbies I found in the pink sim. Remember there is a list of who is where HERE.

BP* has a sampling of their hairs (one or two colors each) in their gift box. There products appear to be geared toward child avatars but adults in a playful mood could easily wear them too. The style above features piggies and ball ties (not sure what the correct name for those are).

Laqroki has some very cool sculpty glasses in their dollarbie bag. There are also two shirts -- M and F -- and this hair in black only.

Maitreya has some VERY nice medium length hair which comes in a variety of luscious real life colors. Many shades are close to each other so I suspect you can find one that is perfect for you -- or maybe a few LOL.

Tekeli-li! is one of my favorite jewelry designers. You can certainly see the jewelry influence in this headdress. It is definitely MORE than just hair. Not only that, it is scripted and you can change the colors of most everything on it. Think of the hours you could spend playing. There is also a very nice 10 prim texture treasure chest, a cute bracelet in the form of a lizard-like creature and some delicate earrings -- all scripted. Billed as a treasure chest of goodies, it most certainly is.

Crush Factory has this hair in a variety of colors as well as a pink foam curler style that you have probably seen on the other blogs. The gift bag (cute on its own and as a prop) also includes a TON of clothes that I didn't try on. Only so much time :D

Find Ash has this hair in three colors. I am guessing it is unisex. Seeing no reason why it wouldn't look "almost" as good on a guy (wink), I'll make that proclamation.

House of Heart -- previously blogged -- with four lovely new releases is in the Pink Sim too.


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