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Peppermint Blue Anniversary

Peppermint Blue is having its first anniversary celebration though the 15th. I have heard of Peppermint Blue and since it is Japanese, I am guessing it was Beanie :D. I hadn't been there before though and was very pleasantly surprised when I followed a Fashcon notice and arrived at the club filled with goodies. Its a bit difficult to tell with translations and all but the long list of new free clothes are from different designers and seem to be aimed at newbies. Still, there are some very nice outfits here for the event and party.

The one above come from Zephi's Shop which is billed as a Gothic Lolita establishment. There is a landmark to her shop in the clothes and I zipped over. It is small but has some really cute clothes in this same style for happy dance prices. I added some stockings from Twisted Rose and my ::69 Nightmare shoes and I was set. Hair is Krasa in coffee bean from House of Heart. Pose by LAP.

This second outfit is for cowgirls. And don't worry, fellas there is a GUYS outfit also. It comes complete with boots and some very cute gloves with sculpty prims. There are Eloh skins and some shapes and the hat here includes the hair. LOTS of stuff. There is a prim bottom to the vest that didn't work for me and the stockings here were left from the last outfit but I liked them, so left them :D There are plenty of ways you could mix and match the items here with some in your inventory to come up with your own personal look. Pose by LAP.

There is also a HUGE variety for buy for $0 Newbie Packs with skins et al on the roof. I'm not sure how you get there. I just cammed and jumped into a chair (wink). But you'll figure it out. Have fun!


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