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Not So Basic Black

There's nothing like that little black dress -- or in this case sweater and skirt to take you most anywhere you need to go. Accessories count of course and there are two new. free. not so basic black additions to your wardrobe available right now.

The oh so cute for Pirate Day, Halloween or any Goth outfit sculpty pumps from Rebel Hope feature red accent bows and skulls a plenty. The are a picks gift that you can pick up at the Rebel Hope TP point. Look for the sign on an easel. You must have Rebel Hope Designs in your picks first and this sometimes takes up to 48 hours. 24 or less will usually do it though. These take a long time to rez so be patient.

Another just out super cool and free wardrobe must have is this great bag from *OC*. Find it upstairs in a small wall vendor. The ties are flexi and it has an exceptionally nice grip hold included. You could get ALL your favorite things in here -- it is SO generously sized (wink).

The sweater is from the already blogged Sn@tch gift for the week. The skirt, also by Sn@tch is from another time and place :D Hair is Krasa in coffee bean by House of Heart, bottom shoes by Juicy, Poses by LAP and Tuli.


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