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Mixin' it up at Sn@tch

There are some great new free gifts out at Sn@tch this eve. That's not surprising of course, but the mix 'n match abilities of these two VERY DIFFERENT outfits are astounding. In the picture above I have paired the long sweater and knee high pants from the White After Labor Day group gift with the stockings and short sweater from the second set.

I especially like the scarf from this After Labor Day set. Much to do this eve so I'll just post a picture of the "hunt" outfit. There is so much ON those walls, it may take some time to find it.

It is a FULL set of tops in a multitude of colors, a micro mini in black with a texture belt and several stocking options. You can mix and match forever!

Yeah Ivey.

Shoes by ::69, Hair by Exxess


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