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Splendor Skins

There's a new free skin on the block and it is Splendor. I wasn't "born" when the Eloh skins came out, but I heard that they rocked Phil's Place big time. People just didn't give away things -- especially skins. I lived in an Eloh Elliot skin for many months of my life. It felt comfortable and it felt like me and best of all it was free.

Times have changed, graphics programs have improved and designer's skills get honed each day, so it isn't to much of a leap to expect "improvement" in the products of our content creators. I saw a post by the designer of the Splendor skins, Sezmra Svarog, saying that they were available. Then I saw a post on the Vain blog showing the landing point where people could buy for zero. What I did not see was anything about how these skins actually looked.

So here I am in the middle of my night -- once again naked on the beach. For the record, these pictures were taken with the same Windlight settings as other skin review posts. And as always, how well these skins will work for you is up to you :D

That being said:

These skins are lightly drawn and nicely shaded. No heavy handedness here. The blending is well done. There are three skin tones with Caramel being the middle shade -- somewhere in the Sunkissed tonal scale. There is a lighter skin and a darker. I, personally, liked the middle and darker versions better than the lightest which seemed to be missing something. Detail? Contrast? I'm not quite sure and you will of course need to judge for yourself.

The skins come in a large variety of makeups, some named for eye shadow, some lips which is a bit confusing :D. they have choices of intimate haircuts in different pants layers.

You can find them, for free at: Crestfallen.


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