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Black Swan: Gravity by Ivey

Ivey was So nice to send me the outfit she made for the Black Swan fashion show. It was definitely difficult NOT to post early, but after all -- a promise IS a promise (wink).

There are different ways to wear this outfit and it comes complete with necklace, tattoo, and bell bottom leg prims for the leather pants. The STAR of the show is without question the cloak which is absolutely gorgeous. I love the feathers around the shoulder and breast areas -- so strategically designed that braless and topless is definitely an option. The feathers at the cuffs add the element of "flight" and you really can imagine yourself flying.

The cloak (coat) has a beaded texture built into the main area and the blue and black feathers bring excitement to the mix without distracting from the line of the garment. A large assortment of options are available including a turquoise bodysuit with a lingerie feel. So in case you want to wear this at home in fantasy mode with a honey (or two) -- that's an option. Everything shown here (and more) is included in the Gravity package; all but the shoes, skin and hair. So that's a LOT.

From Ivey's notecard included in the package:

Gravity is several pieces that can be worn all together or seperately in many different ways. It's a silky two toned midnight and pale aqua bodysuit much inspired by the gorgeous look of the water at Black Swan, down the back hang two black wings on a cord it has a deep plunging neckline I thought was appropriate for the title. Ostrich leather midnight blue pants with a simple rhinestone and swan buckle and sculpted flaired legs. The coat is off the shoulders with fluffy blue and black feathers. covered with swirls of sequins. Included are long gloves with feathered cuffs also sequin embellished that can be worn alone with the body suit and black sequin tights for a look of lingerie. When I wear it I feel glamourous and very tough, like it's the kind of outfit you would strut in.


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