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Body Basics: Skin and Hair

Sassy's Secrets [Edit: Now called Sinergy] has a new floral body henna tattoo skin in its lucky chair. I went over to check it out yesterday morning to find an "X" ticking away. I called a friend off a friend (we all need those X and Q and Z gals - wink) and she came and got a skin. Then the chair turned to a ? and I got mine. Then another ? and ANOTHER. I couldn't believe it. Almost makes up for 3 "Y"s in a row - LOL.

So here it is in all its glory. The henna is very nice and certainly makes a statement. Great when you want to show of a LOT of body parts. The eyelashes are a bit iffy but as long as you are wearing prim ones, it is all good. This actually comes with prim lashes but they ended up inside my body and not on it (that big girl syndrome) so I used my tried and true and fitted ones.

Shown with some hair I just love from the latest Bewitched Hair Hunt.

The Bewitched Hair Hunt is just starting and will be three SEPARATE rounds. So that means you need to go all three days if you want to see ALL the available $1 and on sale hair. I picked out a few of my favorites to show you. I think the one above is actually THE favorite and definitely different from most of the hair I have. It comes in a pack that includes a brown and a blond too.

I've had this style in the bright red shown above for a long while. You might remember seeing it as I have worn it often in posts. Now I have it in this nice blond color. The pack also has pastels.

And this style is actually in MENS but I think it looks great on girls -- or me anyway. It comes in a pack with black, purple and blue.

I'm not going to report on each day of the hair hunt, so go forth and hunt. You should know the drill by now. Mouse over the color packs of each design to find the ones that are on sale or $1. If you are REALLY lazy and you go at a busy time, you can just sit down on a couch somewhere and wait for others to shout out there finds in chat. Then go and find them. The styles are in alphabetical order so it is pretty easy.

Have fun.


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