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Shania's and PicoPure C

Shania Sinful Style is a new Fashcon retailer and she has put out this outfit for free in one of her shops. It comes with a variety of skirts as well as these pants. The colors are bright and cheery and vibrant.

I had to shorten the system skirt to work as an underskirt with this. I'm not sure if a part of the outfit was missing or Phil's minions did something odd in the database (wouldn't be a first :D). So if you stop by and pick this up, be aware and not confused.

Find this on the wall in one of the regular vendors. While the vendors are fairly large the pictures of the clothes are tiny, so put your spectacles on (wink)

PicoPure C (or PicoPure Charmmy) is an "Alice" type shop. Very cute, very girlie, very young. There is a wide assortment of lovely free things here including two dresses and several styles of bags that attach at the waist. The prim parts come in both small and medium sizes.

Shown here with Sn@tch stockings, Juicy Slingbacks and Fairytale hair in coffee bean from House of Heart. Pose by Grapevine and LAP.


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