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Beautiful Colors!

Well I was fast on the pickup and photography this early eve, but not so fast on the posting. Sometimes that darn real life just gets in the way. How can that be? (big wink). So if you read the feed, you already KNOW about this lovely new September gift from *ALB DREAM FASHION. I had a LOT of problems with the LM when I posted last week -- blogger just doesn't like apostrophes it seems. So here are the coordinates: A'ksha Dunes (197, 83, 351). Actually I think you may end up in the store when TPing to many places in A'ksha. It will be well worth it to take some time to get there.

This top is definitely a hoodie of many colors. So brilliant it simply screams for some black as a backdrop. Being a pants over skirts gal, I opted for some nice slimline lowcut ones from the hunt at Convoitise (still going on). I added some Juicy slingbacks in bright tangerine to "bookend" the color and some fairly subdued (by the jackets yardstick) hair -- Bronwyn in mahogany by Bewitched.

Since one of the latest notecards invited those visiting the shop to take a look at the dessert, I decided that was a GREAT place for a photo shoot. And I was correct. It too is filled with brilliant color, a magical oasis in the dessert.

I really enjoyed my exploring. And I really love this jacket. So how could I possibly go wrong? Well too many puffs on the pipe might just do it (wink).

If you venture over to get this lovely ethnic fashion topper, note that the fantastic boots I blogged last week are STILL available for free. KEWL!

Enjoy, I certainly did.

Center pose by LAP.


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