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Maitreya Oldies Gifts

Maitreya is open again and along with a new build they have a new Golden Oldies section with markdowns and some nice freebies. If YOU are a Golden Oldie, then it is likely you have these already as they were previous gifts. For all of us young whipper snappers (wink), they are simply wonderful new presents.

It's getting close to Fall and this cute blue scarf is just the thing for accenting an abundance of outfits. Shown here with a Sn@tch sweater -- minus prim color so you could see the details of the scarf.

These zebra pattern shoes are just too cute! With low heels and buckle trim they add a lot of fun to just plain black outfits.

Black pumps are always in style and if you need a pair, here are some for free. Very tall, very thin, very sleek. Add the $0 Linden price tag and you definitely have a winner.

There are also some nice low priced items in the same area. Look for a large table in the far end of the store on the right side. Or, simply look and see where all the green dots are. That was my method :D

I am wearing a new Fallesce makeup version of PXL CRYS skin and Krasa hair in coffee bean from HOH. Poses are by Last Stand.


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