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Neferia Abel sent over some items from Ivalde this morning. I admit I was STILL in world after forgetting to log off last night. Luckily Phil's database was still working OK and I now have a huge inventory of lovely retro items. And what better place to show them off than my new tiny shop's sim - Serendipity Isle. So in the morning light, I have some fun vintage outfits to share with you.

Above is Annice which comes in a variety of colors. I chose the basics of black and white (wink). It features a high waisted skirt with some cute trim, buttons and shirring. The top has prim cuffs - something a hard working gal might wear to her typing job (big smile).

This is Ashwyn in red. It has an embroidered strapless top with double layered full skirt. Perfect for the prom of yesterday (or today for that matter). It comes with matching gloves that add just the right formality to this dress up dress. It is also available in various colors.

This is Augusta in chocolate. This is an uptown gal for sure. The sheer ruffled sleeves and front bown coordinate with the beadwork on the skirt and neckline giving this a very pulled together look. Other colors? Well of course!

Somehow this dress makes me feel like I am in a movie. Its so simple, yet so romantic. It is called Kymsara and also comes with a long skirt. This is the slate blue version but looks violet on my screen even without the morning light. I LIKE it whatever its name. Other soft colors are available.

Back into business mode and this might actually be my favorite -- Miranda. What can I say, I'm really a simple girl. I love the chevron textured skirt and the details on the blouse are lovely. A great look for any professional people out there bringing their work or classes into Phil's domain. And if all you do is hang around? That works too. It comes in a variety of sedate colors - and crimson (wink).

What a fun morning :D Cheers.


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