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Dollarbies a la Thursday

Skull pasties? Well you never know when something might come in handy. They are included with some cute armbands -- giant safety pins on the side. These were billed as one of UrBaN DySfUnCtIoN's most popular items. I am wondering whether the pasties or the armbands were the winning design. Maybe BOTH! Ya gotta love it.

The armbands were a bit snug for me being a 6 foot Amazonesce gal, and that is most likely good news for all you more reasonably sized women. I simply moved them downs my arms a bit and all was well. Shown with pants from the Convoitise Hunt (still going on). I obviously like these pants. They seem to go with lots of things! Hair is Krasa in coffee bean from House of Heart. Pose by LAP.

While I was there looking around the shop, I saw the new necklace / collar with a key theme. Not in the Dollarbie category, but it looks very cute! While there ARE outfits with color here, there is a preponderance of black, so if you are a fan of that "goes with everything I don't care if BROWN is in" color this might be a spot for you to peruse. Actually I was the only one in the whole shop NOT in black -- until I changed of course (wink). A girls gotta do and all that jazz. Pose by Vital

Discord Designs (a hair shop) just put out seven cropped tees in gray with sayings. They are $1 each for seven days. Seven - seven - seven --- get it? Anyway there is one with ALT and one with DEMO and some others I didn't get (I don't get out much except to clothes shops) but I liked this Poseball Jumper one as I really DO that when I am on a hunt and I'm camming around so much that I get lost and need to get to the place I am seeing. If you've been there you know how important those poseballs, benches and such can be (wink).

They are nicely detailed and finished and a good basic charcoal color that should go with most anything you might be wearing where this honey would be in fashion

Anyway find them in the middle of the store. There is of course hair to look at also.

Pose by LAP.


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