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SN@TCH: Waitin' to Rez

Notice that posts are DOWN DOWN DOWN of late? Well it's pretty difficult when you either lose your inventory or parts of it, hang around like a cloud (better than gray I guess), can't see the clothes that are supposed to be on your body -- you get the idea. Most of us are in that Phil induced state this weekend. I have finally changed clothes and am waiting to rez. Now I might be waiting all day, so I figured I would at least start to tell you the story and hopefully add pretty pics soon (wink).

So it was a fun morning at SN@TCH. Woke up to find a notecard waiting for me with news of a new by the couch freebie as well as a hidden 0 Linden item on the wall. I found both right away (happy dance) and was heading out when I heard Whimsy Winx calling for people for the riot vendor. So helpful as always I moseyed to the West and joined this group. Eventually the $250 outfit became $50 and while I couldn't actually SEE it clearly (hoho) I bought it in the excitement of the moment. It was fun.

So I have LOTS to show you but I'm still waitin' to rez.

Ah the thrill of clarity. The Where the Boys Are set from the riot vendor has tons of options and is very cute. There are three patterns of capris and both black and white tops that you can wear with or without prim parts making a huge number of choices. Shown above with Prim bra top ruffles and no prim sleeves.

And here we have a different set of shorts with cuffs and the whole kit and kaboodle of prims for the top in white. Shoes by Juicy, Hair is Krasa in coffee bean by House of Heart.

Here is the free latex outfit down by the couch. It has blue accents and a tiny snatch logo on the top. The top is for all practical purposes backless with some super skinny ties. It has a nice built in texture belt included.

And don't forget there is another vendor on the wall set to 0. I'm not showing you that -- at least not yet (wink).

Have fun.


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