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SN@TCH et al

SN@TCH has a new group gift out on the wall for $0. There is another on the same wall -- also for $0 and the black swan tattoo is still free. Add to that the Sn@tch TV and the freebie bag over by the Riot vendor and you have lots of no cost ways to enjoy Sn@tch :D

It may LOOK like I turned this photo to grayscale in Photoshop but acutally that is a VERY hard to get (the camp chair is always full) Gothic skin from TuTu. Camp for 90 minutes and it is yours. Late evenings are best. It is a popular place. You need to join the group to camp but the joiner kiosk is right at the camp chair so that is easy.

Shown with ::69 Nightmare heels, Zakuro - bitter chocolate hair from House of Heart. Pose from LAP at Samara Studios photo studio.

Prinny's Prims has a new Lotus gift set out in blue topaz. It is the same as the black diamond version but with color and both are lovely. And both earrings and necklace come with and without bling so no messy typing in the chat bar. Hurrrrray! Find it in a vendor on the island near the front of the store.

That's it for tonight kiddies. Have fun!


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