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Night Spirit Goth Shop

Yes, it's only September but All Hallows Eve will be here in the not too distant future. And, after all, this may be your style of choice! Night Spirit Goth Shop has some very cool outfits for free. There is a tiny catch, you need to add them to your picks and then wait a day or so and come back and click on the boards (there are many and easy to find). It's a pretty cool place and definitely has me in Halloween mode. Along with clothes there are other objects such as candles and coffins and such.

Anyway, this is the GALS outfit above. The items once opened are actually transfer so if they don't work for you, they might work for a friend. I suspect that the board keeps track of who got what so no cheating! This comes with lots of prim accessories including a jeweled knife and whip and a locked prim top. They fit me out of the box, but most parts are mod so you can adjust.

The picks reward for GUYS (like I care?) is this dangerous looking cape. Woo Hoo! Note that they have apparently changed their name in the About Land area so it is called "Gothic Shop goth dress Vampire skin Halloween @ NIGHT SPIRIT". Most likely for the searching aspects.

Hair is Abbie in coffee bean by House of Heart, Poses by LAP.


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