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GUYS: Relance

Edit: I was informed this evening that the skin and hair in this pack were both stolen from Naughty and are "floating around the grid". Obviously I didn't know that -- and after the last batch of conclusion jumping I am not going off any deep end. I have written to both the owner of the store and the person listed as content creator for their comments. I'll update this if I hear anything.

I suspect that my male audience on this blog is VERY low (wink) but in case your friend, honey, lover - whatever may be in need of a makeover, here's a great free deal. Relance has a complete guy avatar for a 15 minute camp sit.

The pack includes skin, hair and two shapes. This is the less Hulky of the two. He is considerably taller then MY six feet. His foot size seems to be in the zero range, so shoes would probably not be a problem.

And for just ten minutes, you can camp for a variety of shirts also copy only. Here are a couple of the choices. The camp chairs are on the second floor.

There are camping items for women also -- all in the belted micro mini crop top style.

Shown with Adam and Eve gray jeans from last week's hunt. Obviously these work well for guys too :D Poses are from LAP's guy poses.


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