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Excess - Redlic - Bingo - MPD

There was a lot of newness in my world this morning. First I journeyed over to Exxess Designs where they have some really different and great hair. It comes in many varieties of the same general style and also in different sizes. And while I was there I couldn't resist picking up the little teddy there. Not like any teddy "I" have seen. Perfect for darker days and Halloween. He / she attaches to your hip.

And there is a new kid on the block at Welcome goes out to Kat who owns Bingo. There are lots of very cute things at Bingo including this dollarbie dress which comes in layers so you can leave off the black undershirt or wear it as a top with the skirt. There are some REALLY cute girlie type dresses here so if that is your inclination, better stop by.

Shown with Kumamoto gray boots (see earlier post this week - 10 min camp). Poses by ANA_Mations.

We seem to be in a cornucopia of free hair these days and I am sure no one is complaining about that. This short and spiky style comes from Redlic and will come in a different color each week. The dress shown is just ONE OF THE MANY on the wall dollarbies at a new shop called Mulitple Personality Designs. The sale items are easy to find, so come celebrate the grand opening.

Shown with Juicy slingbacks. Pose by LAP.


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