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Those Great Freebies: 9-12-08

Ivey sent out a fantastic western hat last night to all of Fashcon. Something about problems and all that (no news there -huh?). I opened it earlier but it was a BUSY day in my world so just getting to show you now. It is especially nice as it works with other than "boy" hair (wink). YEAH! Shown with Allie in mahogany from House of Heart, Jeans by WRONG, Gun by SEY, Boots by Dark Mouse. Tank is from the Sn@tch lucky chair. I scored last week on a fatpack of tons of colors. Pose by LAP.

There is also a free on the wall for $0 item at Sn@tch. I'm not telling but its shiny and red and sexy. Need I say more? Yep, I can. There is also a black swan tummy tattoo in a gift bag on the table by the couches :D

If you are a more sedate cowgirl -- not into rattlesnakes and all that jazz, then Hudson Clothing Co. has two free hats out to choose from. There is a mate to this one with a black band. Find them on the floor in the back of the shop :D

The gifts from last week are to the right in vendors if you missed them.

SYSY's has a cute new top and SHORT jeans skirt (back pockets and tag included) out for $1.

Shown with the BRAND NEW HOH hair -- Miranda in snapdragon. Three styles for free. You know the drill by now. Get there! :D

There is another set besides this one that I bought but never arrived. Alas. So look for it also.

The two other HOH styles you will see soon. Meanwhile I am going to REST, REST, REST!

See ya tomorrow with more goodies.


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