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Delicious at Delicious

Delicious Results has a cute dress as a gift. Find it on the customer service counter in their store. It has tiny stars along the cut out which add a nice detail to the mix. While you are there, be sure and check the lucky chair (changes hourly). There also a prize camp chair.

I added my bow belt from Magika and an onyx bracelet from the spa opening. The cute wedge sandals? I found them today :D and they go perfectly. Just keep on reading!

Hair is Krasa in coffee bean from House of Heart, Pose Samara Studios new pose stands and backdrops.

Brazilian Style has some great clogs in TWELVE different patterns and colors for $3 each style. They do take forever to rez (a problem it seems with some sculpty shoes and this week in particular) but then they are lovely. This is the plain "black" pair which is actually sort of chrome colored. There are lots of fun patterns to choose from.

Hint: these, like a fair amount of shoes and other prims, have a tendency to break up visually from a distance. This may not bother you, but it bothers me. A simple fix is to move them UP your foot just a bit and they work great. A very good deal for $3 a pair.


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