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Love Chic

Love Chic is back - LOL, but not in a very glorified form. This has got to be the smallest Fashcon vendor site around (wink). I was out and about yesterday hunting and gathering and I came across the new shopping sim, Serendipity Isle. I loved the architecture and the feel of the place. Still, I wasn't into the "shop" thing as I have been there and done that and know I would rather be exploring than working in Photoshop.

So -- I now have a minuscule store presence in the marketplace (virtually empty at the moment) at Serendipity Isle. There was a big opening yesterday with live music and the ballroom is grand. This is a no fly zone so you have to walk everywhere which seems sort of fitting in a 1930s style sim.

Anyway, my most popular sellers are here at the same old cheap prices. I even have a one prim computer with a link to my blog. I will no doubt from time to time make something new or a gift and put it out and I'll post it here. But don't expect to see my stuff in any runway show. That's just not my style. I'll stick with the $30 Linden a week rental and get a bit of the fun with much less work (big wink).

There is a central TP point so follow your beam if you are actually trying to find me :D One block from the ballroom. Oh, and if you are into antique cars, this is heaven. They are scattered all over the sim and very very nice.


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