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Black Swan Runway: The Show

Passions of the Black Swan has some lovely designs. The sim was dressed to the max with a velvet black night -- fire and particles ablaze. That and 80 plus participants, many wearing prims in the hundreds, made it difficult on many levels. This is not unusual in fashion shows; if you've been, you know.

I did manage to get a couple of fairly good shots before clothes stopped rezzing and skirts moved out from around the models :D Remember that if you didn't get to the show, these outfits will be available and I am sure that the designers will be showing them on their blogs and in their shops -- and I think at Black Swan sim also (not sure about all that but someone in the know can comment on this post and clue us in).

While many of the designers used black as a base color, there were other dresses in bright plumage hues and even a dress in white. There is jewelry and also a special skin by Tuli. A LOT of work went into this production and all the designers should indeed be proud of their efforts.

Remember that these photos only give you an IDEA of the delights of the designs. We need lights and time for the best photography (wink). So watch your favorite designer's blogs for more info.


Unknown said…
Hey Chic!

lol! I was bald during the fashion show ;-)

Here it is your answer: all our outfits will be available for sale ONLY at Black Swan sim during the period of September/15th to 30/th.

All the vendors are located in a space nearby the runway, nearby the Ballerina.
Enjoy! :-)

Samsara Nishi
Sam's Secret Boutique
Chic Aeon said…
Good for you. I was in reasonable prim mode :D. No nasty boxes spinning over MY head - LOL. Thanks for the info. I pretty much figured it out from your post and others on the feed plus some groups I belong to. Glad of the reminder though. Go forth girls and shop at the Black Swan sim (wink).

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