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Lisa's n More

Lisa Marie's has some new business pants suits out and the violet one is a dollarbie. Other colors are in the Fall palette of browns and such. The set comes with both white and black semi transparent shirts (oh my) and both red and gold ties (not so much me). I modified the pants to a trimmer look here. Easy to do in the appearance editor. These came out yesterday for a 2 day sale but when I went to find them at her other store the vendors weren't out. Only this morning after a hectic day did I think about checking the other store - LOL. They may be in both now but are for sure in the one with the link above -- right inside the entry to the right. Hurry. There are tons of other group gifts scattered around her stores if you are into joining.

AND speaking of group gifts, the wood bracelet shown with this is from Earthstones. They are celebrating 1000 members with a big gift pack which includes a stone donut bracelet in amber that matches the earrings and necklace from earlier. Group is closed for awhile. Bag is on the stage if you missed the announcement.

Hair shown is Amber in mahogany from the latest release at House of Heart. Untied sandals by Shoes Simply Shoes (Samara) and pose by LAP.

Here is the black version of the blouse sans vest :D Hair is Fairytale in redwood by HOH and new this week (and free in the release pack). I am wearing some gorgeous finely crafted fligree earrings from Earthstone's 1000 member gift pack. There is a necklace too. Woot! Pose by Vital.


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