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Black Swan Runway

OK. So not only will it most likely be difficult to get into the sim for the fashion show, it is an exercise in trial and error to get to the stage after you get to the sim (wink). So since I am now sitting at the stage and finally made it, I wanted you to know the drill.

You need to be wearing approved device -- specifically it seems the watch, not the necklace. Yesterday there was a $200 Linden charge for these. Today they are free. They appear to reset for each visit. So today's item I am guessing will not let you in another day.

So you TP to Black Swan sim and you are in a totally blinding white environment. There is a dead swan and blood and signs warning you need an approved device. Buy the watch -- the pretty necklace doesn't seem to let you stay. You enter the brown door that says ENTER and get tped to a black circular area. From there there is a sign that says click for a feather to Passions of Black Swan. You get a cool feather ride (see above) and end up at a spot with podium kiosks showing off the work of the designers for the show. The stage is not far from there. Look for a circle of fire.

This is all assuming that I am actually at the CORRECT stage of course.

Not too sure about photos from here but I have two photo shoots in the can and ready to release around noon. So that is good. Good luck guys


Dawn said…
just thought I would let people know that I bought the necklace and it worked just fine.
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks for posting. Glad they got it fixed. I got ejected when wearing mine with a message to buy the watch:D Happy it worked for you.

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