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Phoenix Design

Phoenix Design has an equestrian outfit for you -- for FREE. It is highly detailed with lots of accent stitching. According to the notecard this is the FIRST outfit made by Phoenix Design... WOW! But beware, there is a new version of this out, right below the free one. It is VERY CUTE, expensive (but what's a Linden anyway?) and a heart-stopping 1200 prims in all. Lots of mix and matching and even if you don't ride horses, this is pretty cool. The outfit shown is free until Sunday. Find it WAY up high above the display for the new version.

Shown with Sh*t Kicker Boots in brown by Dark Mouse, Time Traveler necklace from Magika, and Margo hair in mahogany from House of Heart.

Just makes ya wantta yell Geddiup!

While you are there, you might want to check out the very complex FREE emotion belt. Its over by the giant wooden skull with a BIG yellow free sign nearby. It is scripted with many color and pattern changing options -- a nice click and change menu is built in. It is mod so you can resize it up to a point. If you are petite, it will most likely not work -- or you could wear it really low-slung perhaps.

There is also a set of dollarbie eyes which you might want to peruse. There are lots of really lovely things in the shop, so let it rez and do some exploring.


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