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Mechanism - It's cold outside.

MECHANISM just sent out a very cool scarf to it's members - both group and Subscribe-O-matic and I am in both - LOL. Kobe seems to think these are and I quote, "exclusively for men". I can't seem to convince him that girls (some at least) like these things too.

So along with the male only group scarf (and yes girls and some men will need to downsize it) - there is also some male only checked pants. You see those on ME :D and a bracelet from last time that is more mod now and will downsize for smaller avatars. There are also a 50% sale going on and some new things on the wall. So drop by if you have a chance.

Shown with one of the current gifts from Sn@tch (sweater) and Krasa in coffee bean hair from HOH. Poses by LAP.


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