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Pretty Mime Gift

Topaz Square has a party going on. More like a carnival really with cotton candy and other fun stuff. AND there is a sidewalk sale there too. To celebrate even more they are giving away this very cute mime outfit. It includes tons of things including hair. The hair shown here is NOT from the pack. I tried four times and couldn't get it to unpack but I suspect it "will" as I have seen others in the hair.

Hair or no, the really great thing about this gift -- for me anyway -- is the skin. There are several versions to choose from. I picked pink. Such fun! and don't forget to pick up some cotton candy while you are there.

Pose by LAP. Hair by Amor Pacific (no longer available).

Well that hair FINALLY appeared in my inventory after I TPed home for the third time. So here it is!

And for a different take on the same outfit (or another of your choice of course) try the SYD Smurfette Skin. The Smurfette Skin that is free to the LaynieWear/SYD Update group or $1L in the store. The store gift is sitting on top of the table next to Kenai. Get it in the next few days.


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