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i-Candy's got new BOOTS!

i-Candy has some cute new boots out. They are not my style and I still love them. So that leads me to believe SOME of you might want to know about them. There is a demo of course but these low and wide goulashes type cuties will probably fit most gals. They come in several patterns but this one is my fav. Wear them with bright colors and girlie stuff that I know some of you are addicted to. Find them around the side of the main (round) shop in a building that is just like MY house. Mia Sofia's lucky chair is getting used in wondrous ways. Enjoy.

If you are a skully gal, you can win this pattern boot in the lucky chair. It changes every 10 minutes. And no, I don't actually OWN either of these. I was just very lucky to find a couple of gals hanging out at the chair that had them on. Ser-in-dip-i-ty strikes again.


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