Maitreya Gift & Retro Heaven

Maitreya has given out this extremely nice belt to its new Subscrib-O-matic group. If you were part of the LL group, you were moved over, but if not -- why not stop in and click on the JOIN button. Then look for the post which tells you about the move and gives you the belt. It was number 2 when I just checked.

The top shown here is from Kumamoto and is only one of a large selection of freebies. Some look very cute, some are definitely logowear (which you may or may not love). This new top comes with a small ligature logo on the back which would be covered by any long hair. With nice detailing and a hiked up side, it is a bit different and also in basic colors that go with many things. It also comes in brown.

Pants by Nuclear Boutique, shoes by ::69::, hair by Magika, pose by Ana_mations

Samara Studios has a new Dollarbie in the central courtyard area. It is RETRO and I had great fun with it. I added ZHAO funky shoes from a hunt as well as a chunky necklace from Happy Sisters. Hair from House of Heart -- which I doubted I would ever wear -- is PERFECT and I love it with this. A good lesson :D

Pose by Grapevine Shapes and Poses.