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All About the Shine

It was a good DSN Dropbox day for me; I found RBZ Design. And, as a cherry on top -- there was a pack of poses from Dove. Amazingly enough they were all ones I didn't have. LAP and I go w-a-y back. The pose shown above is called Awmahgah, and that's about how I felt when I tried on these leather pants.

The sculpty bottoms are a great shape and match the legs above. We all know that this doesn't happen easily. The leather looks like leather --- soft leather. Comfy Ineverwanttotaketheseoff leather - LOL. And there is a great textured chain on the back pocket. These are actually biker pants from the top floor of the shop, but they were a great choice for the DSN Dropbox; at least they got ME over to the store.

The earrings are by ROMP and are the Sorrow Sparrow Earrings in Red. They are extremely delicate and charming. I can think of lots of outfits to pair them with from Gothic to Victorian and beyond. [Edit: I can't seem to find any of their shops even from their profiles. All in large shopping districts. Sorry.]

The top is part of a paisley mash up from Callie Cline. My Zbooties are from MK Fashion.

While wandering around the medium sized RBZ, I found lots of variety. Biker gear -- both authentic and "groupie" as my biker friend would call it, is upstairs. What I was most impressed with though was the shine. There are some formal gowns that make your mouth water, some saucy little mini dance dresses that seem to caress every curve. The everyday prints and knits looked nice (she says transfixed on the subtle satin shading in the vendor pics back in the gown room). But, for me at least, it was all about the shine.

This -- yes, shiny again -- cat suit is brand new and also free. Woot! Find it near the landing point in the center of the shop. The outfit called Slippery When Wet comes in a variety of colors. You might just want them all.

Boots by Dark Eden. Hair by Exile (new - free).

There is also a ethnic detailed shrug gift for gals and this great tropical shirt for they GUYS. Guys? Are you kidding? This is SEXY!!!! Find them in gift bags on the floor near the Slippery vendor.

Go forth. Shop. Have fun. Midnight boards and lucky boards in residence. Don't miss the gowns!


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