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Gal Friends

It was a good and busy week -- or it has been so far. Aside from technical issues, it was a fun one too. Divine, Xia and I got together this early eve to hang out in my new digs. We are each wearing something new from our favorites of the week.

Xia has on the group gift pants and tee from Baiastice. You can drop a notecard to SISSY PESSOA and asked to be added to the group. Xia is also wearing a pair of shoes from the Perfil hunt I blogged yesterday.

Probably the big news of the eve is that both Xia and Divine got the new lucky board gift at Belle Belle (home of that fantastic rocker and some killer midnight boards (currently furniture)).

Here is Divine with her new Neko Prince. I can't help smiling as I'm not sure Divine wants to be a mom. Xia just TPed her in as a "D". The boards are longish (maybe 30 minutes) so friends are good. Later, the group TPed Xia back as the "X" and so the both have their little ones. The neko babies are adorable and I can see the reason for their popularity.

Divine also has on some socks from the newly stocked Sn@tch lucky chair. The board has been retired as those friendly Sn@tch fanatics LIKE to sit in each other's laps. I spent a long time there last night but it wasn't a "C" eve. Alas. She also has on a Boyfriend shirt from Blaze. Hers is an oldie but I understand that you can still get one of these long time favorites by joining the SOM? Worth checking out anyway.

I'm wearing some of my old time favs that you've seen many times along with the new waist stole from IZUMIYA. I so love this. Other colors are available for $30 at the shop if you don't want to wait around. A yellowish version was a group gift. I love the blue and so happy I won it. My feet are nice and comfy in the black sandals from the Perfil Mom's Day Hunt. And I still love my kitty although I suspect that hunt in the deep waters of the forest is over.

Oh, and today's prize from the lucky chair at **.:MUNSPAIN:.** (see today's earlier post) is a great seat with pillows and four poses. It is purple which works perfectly in my very purple apartment. So happy girl. I am SO coordinated. It is amazing how well dressed your home can be for free or a handful (literally) of Lindens. Much fun.

That's the news from my little corner of the virtual world.


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