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Yebizah Hunt : Woot!

Busy, busy day. Much to do. But first I needed to clean up my apartment just a tad. Messy girl in need of a maid. Whew! I want to put out my new living room set from Belle Belle this afternoon but FIRST there is a hunt at Yebizah.

We're looking for big clam shells with big pearls inside -- usually only one pearl per clam but there is a MOTHER clamshell too. At least one anyway. Big is good. Easy to find is even better. Not having to TP all over the world --- "priceless" (wink). The shells are around and about the sim including inside shops and underwater. Remember that underwater clue. They'll be a test later.

I started my journey in good beachwear garb. A nice hoodie and low rise denim shorts from Moonshine are both comfy and warm enough in the brisk winds. The hoodie includes many layers for tucked and untucked wear and is in the free goodies for May for guys. The shorts are from the gals pack. There are tees too :D

The clogs are from ::Duh!:: and come in a big variety of colors. The berry version is a limited time dollarbie. You want these! Very cute with a resize menu, they are perfect for all kinds of casual wear. Fat packs of various colors are only $50.

The tidy up basket was an opening gift from Y House last week. They have some fine looking furniture with lovely textures. Hair is a new release from Tiny Bird called Willow. Pose by LAP.

Yebizah is a great hunt and one you most likely don't want to miss, the quality of the prizes is exceptional. Put that in CAPS - LOL. This super cute boho skirt and summery camisole top are from two different pearls from Chikka Design.

This is one of several tees from Ibizarre along with some very nice khaki shorts. Items shown may or may not be in the stores. I didn't keep track. And again, I just got a few items. I'm not sure how many there are or what great things you might find. Don't be afraid to shop while you are here. I saw a lot of that :D

Have fun!


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