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Fade To Black

The designs from Prim and Pixel Paradise keep getting better and better. There is a lovely picks gift out for the ladies called Belladonna. It is darkly Gothic with a huge skirt and very pretty. The male version of the set is shown here, It is available for free until almost midnight on Saturday. With many ways to wear from full regalia to a simpler version, you can fit most any mood. As you can see it looks good on the ladies also. Find it next to the giant picks vendor outside the shop. You can of course have the gown AND this outfit. We are so lucky as women. Yeah!

There are two skirt versions with sash and two cuff versions. You can wear it with the collar or without. So many choices. The skirt flows so nicely and the sash is very nice. Guys can use the sash too if they like to be a bit more Edwardian than my friend here. So zip on over and check this out -- and the store too as there are lots of great things to discover.

Shown with my black leather ankle boots from Shoe Fly.

KaoSome has a new gift out. It is a basic black mini. This isn't just any "basic" dress though simply because it works so well. You can MOVE in the sculpty skirt without walking through the edges. The tiny lace edging, low squared back and built in texture belt add just enough details to make it special and still let you accessorize to your hearts content. For me, that makes it a winner. It comes with a cute lace system skirt option but systems skirts aren't working for me at all currently. So I'll save that for the future. Thank you Linden Labs :D

Find this on the main floor in a giant vendor. It will take a bit of patience for things to rez, so stay calm. If you didn't get the gifts I blogged earlier in the month they are on the second floor on a FREE board. The quality of the design work is excellent in these gifts, so you might want to scan those vendors. You never know what you might find.

I just finished categorizing all my jewelry; it took about eight hours - LOL. But I found a few things I thought I had lost and discovered some I don't remember at all. The necklace shown here is perfect for this ensemble. It is undoubtedly ancient and most likely not available any longer, but it was made by Joanne Capra, so thanks Joanne for making such a fun item.

Second pose by Flowery from Blogger Appreciation week. Thank you!


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