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Mini-Hunts -- Woot!

While there are and will be plenty of GIGANTIC hunts around, I am more a fan of the little shop and sim hunts. So, I was happy to find that there are at least three very worthwhile current hunts in that category. The first is the May Day hunt which will run through the weekend. The blue dress is the hunt prize at Lemania's at the French Farm. The hunt appears to be pretty easy. You are looking for small maypoles. The one with this very cute blue dress is definitely not hidden (wink) and when you find IT, you might also pick up the tan mini Xia is wearing called In the Garden. SO cute. It is last week's gift so it may be replaced by a new one sometime soon. Who knows -- that might even be better.

is wearing the $1 skin from Tuli at the "Secret Sale" at Tropical Escape. There is a light skin version of a different skin also. Many of the retailers there have both specials and dollarbies. And of course the same goes for the hair at House of Heart. The bracelet Xia is wearing is in a big pink box and is free at the French Farm. Find it right next to both dresses shown. Is that handy or what?

This is the necklace from the May pole at Dryad Designs at the French Farm hunt. Two rings also come with the gift.

Poses by Glitterati from the birthday presents to us blogged earlier :D

Another hunt, this time for accessories and in honor of Mother's Day, is going on at the Perfil store. Look for smallish red hearts -- eight in all. I found five. You know I'm not a great hunter. There are shoes, jewelry and at least one purse in the mix. The shop has lots of fun things to look "at" while you are looking "for". My favorite find is shown above. It should be noted that these are TRANSFER items, not copy. That seems odd for a hunt, but pick up some for friends I guess if you want.

Happy Hunting.


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